Monday, August 16, 2010

tap tap tap ... is this thing on?

Well, hello there! I've been a little scarce lately. The fact is, I've been doing some behind-the-scenes stuff, personally and professionally.

I've been thinking about this here blog and I've been wondering what I should post about. Part of that behind-the-scenes stuff has been working with Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach. We're about half way through our sessions and the experience has been a m a z i n g. It hasn't been what I expected; I had it in my head that we'd do the weekly consultations and I'd have my business all figured out and be well on my way to developing my product line and have my Plan.

It turns out that we needed to dig a little deeper first and work on my Procrastination issues (yes, capital P). Procrastination has been getting in the way of actually working on my business for real.

I was getting in my own way. There. I said it.

This will probably always be a battle for me, but already the wins are getting easier. I believe that, eventually, the battles will get smaller and farther apart.

I've been spending more time in my "studio" (extra room) and have taken real steps towards that product line I dream of. I still have my moments where the Procrastination itch gets scratched, but it's not nearly as defeating as it once was a few short weeks ago.

So, getting back to my opening statements: I've been wondering what I should post about. Originally, my idea was to write about my journey. That's only partially happened and not with any depth or consistency. So I'm going to put it out there to the Internet universe and see what others think.

So here are my topic/series ideas:
1. my personal journey from a dreamer-with-a-day-job to being my own boss
2. things I learn as I hone my printmaking skills and do product development
3. tutorials of what I learn
4. things that inspire me along the way
5. resources I discover
6. reviews of crafty business books (which I'm reading most of the time)

I know that I probably can't do all six of these with any degree of quality. What do you think? If you had to pick three of the things you were most interested in reading about, which would they be?

Feel free to comment here or send an email to me at info [at] applesandorange [dot] [com].