Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surface Design, step 2

This post is a continuation from my exploration blog, Dreamy Abstraction. Since this relates to surface and pattern design, I decided to post "part 2" here.

Here are two versions using two leaf sketches. They are essentially mirror images of each other, but are separate drawings. I scanned, clipped, and placed them in two different repeat patterns. These are rough sketches.

I feel like I need something unpredictable in the pattern. What do you think? Should I vary the mirrored images more? Does it need something else. I think so, but I'm not sure what.



Please send me your suggestions in the comments.


Julie said...

Hi, Deanna,

So nice to see more!

I like v.2. Did you notice the horizontal lines the leaves made? When the fabric is larger, that might be the "something extra."

Another thought is a hint of color on every nth stem or curve of leaf.

It might all depend on how large your make the leaves.


deanna said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of hints of color. I will work on the pattern more and see what form.


Chrys Gakopoulos said...

Love what you are doing here. I think #2 will be easier to work with when sewing because it doesn't matter which way the fabric will face. I am curious to see if you alternated the leaf colors: pick 2 of your favorite colors and do one leaf orange and one leaf say citrus green or majenta, etc. but keep them as totally flat colors. Just curious. Also what if the background wasn't white but was a vibrant color. The version as you have it is nice too. It is quiet and that is fine too. You can get a few great variations from one design. Great job and good luck. This is so exciting.

deanna said...

Hi Chrys. Thanks for the ideas. I agree with everything you said. I'll keep posting the process as I go along.